Pingtan Cross-border E-commerce Traceability System Launched

Pingtan has just launched its Cross-border E-commerce Traceability System, the first in Fujian province, to ensure foreign products into Pingtan Port come from traceable origin, and thus build up consumer confidence.

One of the key functions of this Cross-border E-commerce Traceability System is to provide consumers detailed information of products just by scanning a code printed into the imported product.

This first consignment of product that enters the port is milk powder from Australia. Yesterday morning at the Cross-border E-commerce Compliance Center, inspectors from Pingtan CIQ conducted an inspection on the consignment by scanning the code on the label attached to the tin bottom to check its origin and related certification.

This service is a cooperation between Pingtan CIQ and CCIC Australia Pty Ltd. With advantage of CCIC’s global network, a traceability service platform has been built so that information obtained from audits in Australian can be shared to include label approval, loading supervision, pre-shipment quality inspection and origin traceability.

“As a third party service provider, CCIC carries out an audit in Australia on production premises, checks production date and packaging details before issuing a traceability certificate. The coded label attached thereafter makes it easy for consumers to learn about detailed product information.” Li Xiaolin from CCIC commented.

With assistance from CCIC Group and its Australia company, CCIC Fujian works with local CIQ in a new “1+2”model to achieve compliance with a system of registration, record filing, application assessment, risk analysis and data exchange. This traceability system has helped to improve supervision and management by monitoring the whole chain in Cross-border E-commerce trade.

“When the goods arrived, Pingtan CIQ merely checks the pre-shipment inspection results with documents related to the factual consignment. This saves us time and cuts logistic costs as there is no delay at the port.”According to Pingtan CIQ section chief Zhang Jinhu.

Mr Chen Shi who represents the importer of this Australian infant formula consignment also commented that service through this Traceability system not only saves them time and money, but also helps build consumer confidence.

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